300 million paris of shoes
end up in a landfill each year

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less than 20% of donated shoes end up in the same community

seattle washington
12,112 homeless
150 wet days per year

“socks are the most needed but least donated
article of clothing at homeless shelters.”

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common cobbler logosome people have shoes to donate
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common cobbler logoa community footwear workshop
parking garage streetview "identify the ground floor facades of parking garages, facing avenues,and turn them into active parts of the streetscape."

701 1st avenue
seattle, washington

seattle public space + public life study
jan gehl + city of seattle

fixing animationanyone can fix a shoe ! (:
internal diagram
common cobblerforced air drying lockers
common cobblerfootwear workshop
common cobblershoe supplier
common cobbleractivate public space
common cobblerdonatation center

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